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Biannual EcoChi VITAL Summits take place in NYC, where influential thought-leaders from a wide variety of sectors and disciplines participate in a round-table discussion of current research and studies, ancient knowledge, emerging trends.

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Six sets of approximately fifty-five abstracts (three hundred and thirty per year) are created from articles, podcasts, books, keynotes and film every other month, providing a convenient and thorough review of thousands of inputs.

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Five White Papers are created biannually (ten per year) on current research, studies, ancient knowledge and emerging trends. These papers are presented at each of the EcoChi VITAL Summits and consist of surprising threads that run through the abstracts, showing trends in the following areas: health and wellness environments, tourism, sustainability, home & living, workplaces, hospitality, real estate development, architecture & interior design, events & meetings, technology, science, spirituality and belief systems, motivation and productivity, inter-personal and personal well-being, music, art & aesthetics- all impacting your work and your life.

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EcoChi provides interior design consulting and certification. We consult with your team, and collaborate with an owner, developer, architect, event planner, design team and/or consultants to optimize the long-term success of your project or event. EcoChi ensures that conscious design decisions are being made in areas of Classical Feng Shui, environmental psychology, and other enhancing wellness and sustainability principles.

EcoChi also offers alternative services, such as a speaking engagement, a workshop or a webinar customized for a specific audience.

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