Giant Biome Design Attraction for Reykjavik, Iceland


The Aldin Biomes have just received planning permission and when complete, will showcase a tropical environment and local food production methods, as well as a range of wellness offerings, including walks and yoga. The 48,000 sq ft structures, designed for client Spor í sandinn, have been conceived as a major landmark. They will be built on an elevated site, so they can be seen from the city. Situated on the edge of the outdoor recreational area Elliðaárdalur, the project will provide a new gateway to the largest green area close to the Icelandic capital. The development, which has been proposed as the ‘world’s first geo-climate biome’ has been designed to be carbon neutral and will be powered by local geothermal energy. There will be two main structures, the Nature Dome and the Tropical Dome – both will be orientated towards the north-west to optimize views of sunsets and the Northern Lights. The domes will offer an escape from Iceland’s harsh winters when visitors will be able to enjoy a showcase of exotic plants, as well as the Farm Lab, an educational interpretive display focused on local food production. Wilkinson Eyre say the attraction will help to boost people's well-being during the region’s dark winter months. The Nature Dome will also house a multi-functional space with a reception area, restaurant, retailing and a marketplace that promotes fresh Icelandic produce.

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