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The Real Deal I Real Estate News: NYC’s Amenity Battleground

At the Park Loggia at 15 West 61st Street, AvalonBay Communities brought in feng shui master Debra Duneier, founder of design consultancy EcoChi, to…

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EcoChi Featured As Global Wellness Trend #4: Prescribing Nature

Bringing the Outside In: Since more people live in cities, a walk in nature is harder to find, as most cities don’t have the benefit of greenways and natural parks. If spending time…

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Inspire Design Magazine's Tastemakers/ Trendsetters: Visual Vibes

Debra Duneier creates "feel good" moments in interior spaces. "You have a gift. Don't waste it." These words uttered by a Chinese master acupuncturist to Debra Duneier would…

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NEWH Green Voices I Eco-Mindset: A Design Approach with a Human Touch

Debra Duneier thinks differently about sustainability. As a Feng Shui master practitioner. accredited LEED Green Associate, certified Eco-Designer, and a New York…

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Publisher's POV: Feng Shui & Environmental Psychology A Part of EcoChi Certification

This past week I spoke with Debra Duneier, Founder and President of New York-based EcoChi, LLC about her company’s EcoChi 180° certification program (see article). It is…

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Glow 5th Anniversary Issue: EcoChi Designing the Human Experience

EcoChi is a lifestyle shift that meticulously blends the powerful modern and ancient lessons of green and sustainable living, environmental psychology and classical Feng Shui, to revolutionize how...

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Healers Among Us: EcoChi: Purposeful Interior Design

Debra Duneier, President of EcoChi, has been described as a “visionary” and her company is trying to change the way we view our living spaces. The interior design company helps…

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Prevue Meetings Magazine: How EcoChi Encourages Nature-Inspired Event Design

EcoChi” blends science, ancient design wisdoms and evidence-based wellness studies into a unique nature-inspired design concept for events. In this Shakedown, Debra Duneier…

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GWS Attendees First to Experience “Purposeful Design” at a Conference

EcoChi, the Wellness Design Specialists, Will Create Meeting Spaces that Spark Delegates’ Senses and Enhance Their Well-Being. The rise of the “healthy meeting,” with more…

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Feng Shui & Sustainable Living for A Happy, Healthy Home

Debra Duneier, founder of EcoChi and a Feng Shui practitioner, poses this question to our SCGH community, “How do we take control and regain our best selves, so that our environment works…

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Monaco Yacht Show Magazine: I Feel Better When I Sleep To Starboard

Manhattan-based Debra Duneier, creator of EcoChi, combines classical Feng Shui with green and sustainable living and environmental psychology, which appears to result in a…

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Calm Spaces: Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit with EcoChi

NYC interior designer Debra Duneier uses a unique combination of Feng Shui, environmental psychology, and green principles— a system she calls “EcoChi”— to help create healing spaces…

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Space of the Week: Inside the Verdant Offices of McKissack & McKissack

Recently I stopped by the Harlem offices of Cheryl McKissack, the civil engineer and CEO of design-and-construction firm McKissack & McKissack. On arrival, I encountered this magnificent vertical…

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Use Natural Stone in Living & Work Spaces to Increase Well-Being

“To be greener, many communities are tight-knit,” explains Debra Duneier of EcoChi Design, LLC in New York City. “They’re developed so people can get to a grocery store, beauty salon or post…

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Designing the Well Meeting: Adding Feng Shui and Other Ancient Practices

Have you ever considered a meeting room’s energy? Three months before the Global Wellness Summit, a New York City-based company, EcoChi, began doing just that…

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Workplaces: How Office Design Affects Your Business

“Visitors get a feel for your space the moment they enter,” says Debra Duneier, the President and founder of EcoChi, LLC. “They decide almost immediately if they want to stay or get out…

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Pinspiration for Your Event: New Year, Well Spaces

Certified eco-designer, expert in purposeful wellness interiors, and EcoChi President,
Debra Duneier has compiled a board that inspires mindfulness, self-reflection, and…

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Add Meaning to Your Event With Feng Shui Design

MeetWell speaker Debra Duneier of EcoChi focuses on how to integrate the principles of Feng Shui in meeting room design. Debra’s Purposeful Design blog focuses on how green and…

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