EcoChi Featured Global Wellness Trend #4: Prescribing Nature


Bringing the Outside In:

Since more people live in cities, a walk in nature is harder to find, as most cities don’t have the benefit of greenways and natural parks. If spending time in actual nature is the new (and not so new) gold standard for wellness, creating the ideals of nature indoors is also booming. Biophilia, from the Greek meaning “love of life and the living world,” came to the forefront in 1984, when E.O. Wilson, a biologist, theorist, naturalist and author, stated that loving nature is part of our DNA. “We love nature because we learned to love the things that helped us survive. We are hard wired to affiliate with the natural world and just as our health improves when we are in it, so our health suffers when we are divorced from it…

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Inspire Design Magazine's Tastemakers/ Trendsetters


Visual Vibes

Debra Duneier creates "feel good" moments in interior spaces. "You have a gift. Don't waste it." These words uttered by a Chinese master acupuncturist to Debra Duneier would lead her on a path of self and professional discovery.

Inspired by the same flow of energy, Qi (pronounced Chi), that moves through the body...

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Certified eco-designer, expert in purposeful wellness interiors, and EcoChi President,
Debra Duneier has compiled a board that inspires mindfulness, self-reflection, and inner
discovery for your events and for you in 2018! Find more pins at

  • Greenery: Adding Greenery to a space provides a connection to nature, and enhances guest experience.

  • Purposeful Interiors: Well said! We shape our interiors and they shape us...

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How EcoChi Encourages Nature-Inspired Event Design


EcoChi” blends science, ancient design wisdoms and evidence-based wellness studies into a unique nature-inspired design concept for events.

In this Shakedown, Debra Duneier of EcoChi discusses the concept of “ecochi” and why planners should be incorporating nature into their events. This is just a preview of what planners can expect from this week’s Meet Well Summit at MGM Grand Las Vegas, where Duneier is set to speak.

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Designing the Well Meeting


Recently, the high priests and priestesses of wellness gathered for their annual get-together. These are the visionaries and leaders of the global wellness industry, those who pioneer and advocate wellness practices and treatments.

Dr. Oz of TV fame was there, and so was Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Michael Roizen (the only chief wellness officer at a major U.S. healthcare institution), Dr. Andrew Weil and Wim Hof, known as The Iceman for his preternatural ability to withstand extreme cold and for being an evangelist for cold showers. Famed spas such as Tucson’s...

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Add Meaning to Your Event With Feng Shui Design


MeetWell speaker Debra Duneier of Eco Chi focuses on how to integrate the principles of feng shui in meeting room design.

Debra’s Purposeful Design blog focuses on how green and sustainable practices, evidence-based wellness studies and spiritual design philosophies attained from various ancient cultures, such as fen shui, can optimize the participant’s experience. Here are 6 new ways of thinking about your seating arrangement and layout.

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Unique Ways to Make Your Fall Cozy with Rugs


The right rug can be the perfect addition to almost any room in the house. Rugs aren’t just a practical accessory; they’re a stylish way to instantly add personality to a space. They’re so versatile they aren’t limited to the floor, much less the living room. Use them on walls and headboards and in numerous other creative ways.

Rugs come in different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. With some creative thinking and a few expert tips, you can come up with some exciting ways to add warmth and coziness to your home with rugs.

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Eye on the Prize: How to Spot a Superior Sofa

11_06_17_cort-superior sofa.jpg

You’re shopping for a new sofa, and they all look beautiful, inviting, and comfortable. But look beyond the glam, and you can see differences that determine whether a sofa is good for the long term or won’t last longer than a few years. It pays — literally — to know how to identify the best quality furniture that is worth your investment. These tips can help you score a superior sofa.

Focus on Quality Over Cost: It’s tempting to look for the best bargain, but prize sofas don’t...

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Global Wellness Summit Attendees Will Be First to Experience “Purposeful Design” at a Conference


EcoChi, the Wellness Design Specialists, Will Create Meeting Spaces that Spark Delegates’ Senses and Enhance Their Well-Being

Miami, FL – August 31, 2017 – The rise of the “healthy meeting,” with more nutritious food, movement and mindfulness for attendees, is a major global trend. But the 500+ delegates to the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), taking place at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida from Oct. 9-11, will experience a first...

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A Commercial Guide to Subdividing vs. Open Office Plans

10_18_17_cort-commercial guide.jpg

The debate about whether to break up and subdivide large office buildings or opt for open office formats isn’t a new one. Alex Cohen, a commercial real estate specialist at CORE in New York City, is an expert on the subject. “Companies started using open office layouts in the early 20th century,” says Cohen, whose clients include Unilever, Kering (Gucci), Canada Goose, and CBS. “Landlords have been pre-building smaller office units from larger spaces for decades,” he adds.

A Century-Long Business Obsession: The design of office space has been a key element in business decision...

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Healers Among Us: EcoChi: Purposeful Interior Design


Debra Duneier, President of EcoChi, has been described as a “visionary” and her company is trying to change the way we view our living spaces. The interior design company helps to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly and harmonious indoor living environments, by thinking outside the box and using the 5,000 year old Chinese practices of ‘Feng Shui.’

Feng Shui is the old philosophical practice of organizing living spaces in a harmonizing way, and Duneier (Fung Shui Master) does her best do design spaces this way in order to create feelings of optimism, harmony, abundance and prosperity... 

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Use Natural Stone in Living & Work Spaces to Increase Well-Being


Many people live a fast-paced stressful existence in spaces dominated by concrete and other unnatural materials. Even in environments where natural stone is used, it can be taken for granted. We focus on its practicality and ability to boost productivity, rather than appreciating its properties that induce well-being. “To be greener, many communities are tight-knit,” explains Debra Duneier of EcoChi Design, LLC in New York City. “They’re developed so people can get to a grocery store, beauty salon or post office very quickly.” But such communities distance us from nature and keep us highly stressed, according to Duneier, an expert in purposeful design...

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How Office Design Affects Your Business

10_18_17_cort-how office design.jpg

From the reception desk to the shape of your conference table, the details of office design affect the vibe your business creates for everyone who enters. “Visitors get a feel for your space the moment they enter,” says Debra Duneier, the President and founder of EcoChi, LLC.

“They decide almost immediately if they want to stay or get out of there as quickly as they can,” adds Duneier, a Feng Shui Master Practitioner. That is equally true of current and prospective employees as well as clients...

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Eco-Mindset: A Design Approach with a Human Touch


Debra Duneier thinks differently about sustainability. As a Feng Shui master practitioner. accredited LEED Green Associate, certified Eco-Designer, and a New York Slate-licensed real estate broker, Duneier is the creator of the EcoChi system of design and the author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience.

In the recent NEWH Green Voice conversation at BDNY featuring EcoChi- a design approach that blends green practices with environmental psychology Feng Shui- Lorraine Francis, NEWH's director of sustainable hospitality and Gensler's regional director of hospitality interiors, sat down with Duneier to talk about the company's 180-Degree certification. 

NEWH: You talk about EcoChi and designing the 'human experience'. What does that mean?...

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Publisher's Point of View: Classical Feng Shui, Environmental Psychology a Part of EcoChi Certification


I have often heard speakers cite figures about the number of green certification programs available to businesses. Typically the inference is that there are too many of the programs. That may very well be true but there should always be room for one more in our industry if it has been thoughtfully developed, is innovative, of value to the user, and of benefit to guests.

This past week I spoke with Debra Duneier, Founder and President of New York-based EcoChi, LLC about her company’s EcoChi 180° certification program (see article). It is just beginning to be adopted by hospitality businesses. What interested me about EcoChi 180° is that it addresses some issues that other lodging certification programs do not address- ergonomics and electromagnetic fields, for example. It also puts a heavy emphasis on green design and bringing nature indoors, and even incorporates Classical Feng Shui and environmental psychology...

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New York Design Hunting: Space of the Week: Family Business- Inside the Verdant Offices of McKissack & McKissack


Recently I stopped by the Harlem offices of Cheryl McKissack, the civil engineer and CEO of design-and-construction firm McKissack & McKissack. On arrival, I encountered this magnificent vertical living wall designed and installed by Blondie’s Treehouse, Inc., under the guidance of the interior designer Debra Duneier of EcoChi, who worked with McKissack to conceptualize both this office and the company’s midtown outpost on Sixth Avenue.

“I had no idea about green walls,” Cheryl said, when she began planning her new offices. “I was faced with raw spaces and cement floors.” A chance meeting with Debra Duneier changed all that and began her journey exploring design options...

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EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience


Every space has a life of its own, and impacts us as we go about our lives. Our actions, energy and thoughts, as well as our physical well-being, are all profoundly influenced by our surroundings. The design, color scheme, textures, light, furnishings, accessories and placement of each item in our indoor environments impact our senses from moment to moment and shape how we feel about ourselves and others. This is true whether we are at home, at work or in public spaces. This heightened understanding of how our interiors affect us both consciously and unconsciously is the solid foundation of EcoChi.

EcoChi is a lifestyle shift that meticulously blends the powerful modern and ancient lessons of green and sustainable living, environmental psychology and classical Feng Shui, to revolutionize how people feel when they are inside a building. Most of us spend 98% of our time indoors. When we are at work at our desks, watching sports on television, eating our meals at home or in restaurants, playing video games or enjoying museums or theater, it is easy to forget...

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Feng Shui & Sustainable Living for A Happy, Healthy Home


Creating an indoor space that reflects who you are and makes you thrive does not have to be expensive or complicated. On average, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, where the environmental risk to human health has been highlighted in numerous reports. Yet, how about the effect of our home’s indoor environment on our emotional and mental health?

Debra Duneier, founder of EcoChi and a Feng Shui practitioner, poses this question to our SCGH community, “How do we take control and regain our best selves, so that our environment works for us and not against us?” The following is from a recent interview on her new book, EcoChi, Designing the Human Experience.

Here are some easy tips to get started...

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Monaco Yacht Show Magazine: I Feel Better When I Sleep To Starboard


Manhattan-based Debra Duneier, creator of EcoChi®, combines classical Feng Shui with green and sustainable living and environmental psychology, which appears to result in a successful blend – ashore at least. An accredited LEED® Green Associate, Certified Eco-Designer and Feng Shui Master Practitioner, Duneier was quick to respond when I mentioned Prince Albert II Foundation’s ‘Wood Forever Pact’ and its promotion of the use of wood on superyachts from sustainable sources: “Green and sustainable choices make for good Feng Shui and a better world. We use wood in our designs from well-managed forests wherever possible. Taking care of our natural environment nurtures us – it is the circle of life that the five Feng Shui elements* are based on”.

Across the Atlantic, EcoChi Shares Some tips From the Form School of Feng Shui for Superyacht Design: Health for an individual is when chi flows freely through the body nourishing every cell. The same is true for a space...

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Calm Spaces: Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Calm Spaces.JPG

In the midst of the clinical hustle and bustle of tests and treatments, cancer patients and their loved ones need an escape. And while a trip to a tropical island may not be feasible, patients and their caregivers can create everyday surroundings that feel like a personal retreat. "It's important for patients to nurture their mind, body, and spirit," says oncology nurse Sharon Overath, RN, OCN, who works at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-­Bedford. "Escaping for a few moments can be as important as the next round of chemotherapy."

Whether it is a hospital room, an office space, or a bedroom, the more pleasant and tranquil the environment, the more positive the impact on physical and emotional health.

Using Good "Scents" A nurturing, calm space will appeal to multiple senses- hearing, smell, and sight...

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