Spectacular Circus With No Live Animals


Entertaining the crowds since 1976, Circus Roncalli has done something unimaginable – they have swapped out horses, lions and elephants for holograms. And the show remains spectacular. Circus Rocalli decided to make drastic changes in aid of fighting animal cruelty in the booming industry. The shows still feature tusks, tails and an array of acrobats and fiery circles, but in a world’s first, not a single animal is real. They recreated the magnificent 3D holographic imagery with projectors which fill an arena measuring 32 meters (105 feet) wide and 5 meters (16 feet) deep with a view of 360°, for the entire audience to enjoy. TAG/TRAUM, Roncalli’s agency has joined forces with Bluebox who has partnered with Optoma who have installed 11 ZU850 laser projectors throughout the arena, providing for a mesmerizing experience. It’s important to understand that the Idea and Concept was from Bernhard Paul the Founder and Director of Roncalli. Birger Wunderlich at Bluebox said, “We have been using Optoma projectors for 6 years and have consistently had a very positive experience in price, performance, and reliability. We needed a high contrast projector with great colors for the 3D effect and the ZU850’s 2,000,000:1 contrast is perfect for this project.” Their bold moves come at a time where animal living conditions in captivity are under dire concern. Bernhard Paul, the Founder and Director of Circus-Theater Roncalli describes the years leading up to creating this new, groundbreaking show:

Times changed, also opinions change. Transporting animals on congested/full highways is an anachronism and not necessary. In the beginning of 2016, I had the wish to show animals in the circus in a poetic and modern way. Together with “La Fiesta Escenica” from Spain, I did shows with animals as puppets and costumes. I saw the Superbowl from America and Justin Timberlake was singing with Prince. I was so impressed from the holographic technology. So, I wanted to have it in the round. In the beginning of 2017, I hired a new CDO (Chief Digital Officer). Markus Strobl became the CDO and CCO (Chief Communication Officer). He led the project with me. In March 2018, we premiered the 300° Holographic in the Circus. It was the Premier day of the new Tourshow “Storyteller” in Cologne in Germany. After the announcement not to use any animals at our shows we received more than 20,000 emails and letters from all over the world- 95% positive feedback. When we started with our 300° Holographic the pictures and videos did go viral on Social Media. In one year, our show “Storyteller” had more than 600,000 visitors.”

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