‘Grow A New Body’ Program


Six Senses is bringing together cutting-edge neuroscience and biology with ancient wisdom of shamans to create a ‘Grow a New Body’ program. It will elevate guests further on their path to reconnection and living a life of full potential. The new program has been created in cooperation with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a leader within neo-shamanism and energy medicine, and will launch in June 2019 at select Six Senses Resorts. The program is designed to help guests look within themselves and create the emotional, nutritional and spiritual conditions for health, healing and living in harmony in a joyful, playful way. Energy Medicine, which is an important element of the ‘Grow a New Body’ program, focuses on harnessing the body’s subtle energy system, allowing vitality and healing. From the beginning, Six Senses set out to elevate all the senses so that guests could experience the elusive sixth sense, or the unperceived world, which includes the physical being and electro-magnetic field, light body or aura – things that are not part of the anatomical systems and that cannot be viewed conventionally. “At Six Senses, we believe wellness equals freedom,” said Anna Bjurstam, wellness pioneer at Six Senses. “The step into Sacred Energy Medicine will enable our guests to embrace both what can and cannot be seen, connect with the field of magnetic energy to clear toxic emotions, and ultimately switch on longevity genes to live healthier, longer. It will elevate them further on their path to reconnection and living a life of full potential.” Six Senses Kaplankaya is one of the locations that will offer the 'Grow a New Body' program.

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