Design Concept


EcoChi tells your wellness story through design concepts that are based on both ancient and modern wisdom as well as scientific and evidence-based studies. With the perfect combination of our design process and your project goals and vision, we work towards a final design concept presentation that includes renderings, preliminary drawings and layouts, and material overview. EcoChi focuses on intended use of the space, and designs enhanced and supportive environments enriching the experience of the user.



Design Development


An EcoChi Design Specialist will work with your team to ensure that your exclusive EcoChi design concept developed during Phase I is brought to life in Phase II. We will confirm that project objectives are being met and offer solutions when needed within all three areas of Green and Sustainable Practices, Environmental Psychology, and Classical Feng Shui. EcoChi works closely with your team to deliver an outcome that exceeds expectations.



Design Consulting


EcoChi will work with your architects and any of your other consultants as required to discuss and advise on aspects of planning and design. Your EcoChi Design Specialist will work with your team and assist them in their development of working drawings and specifications. We shall be available to answer all questions and to review and advise on progress drawings as they are developed. EcoChi is more than a design system. It is an experience in which people feel better, work better, and live healthier.