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“Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never seen them dancing on a windy day.”

-Shira Tamir


The moon has phases that offer us a visual representation of life…ever changing. Nature informs us season by season that there is a time for everything. These segments of time are marked by different energies. In Feng Shui, these energies are represented by the Five Elements which are earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

Late Summer has the Feng Shui Energy of Earth. Being it is the beginning of harvest time, connecting to this energy seems so natural even for those who know little about Feng Shui. All year we look forward to this time, when the earth brings us red-ripe tomatoes and bright yellow sweet corn.

As the leaves slowly turn to colors of red, orange and yellow we head into Autumn with blazing sunsets and crisp cool weather. The Feng Shui Energy of this season is Metal. Metal is the energy of purpose, completion and detail. It is the perfect time to get our lives in order, before the energies of the winter bring us indoors and into a time of restful, still water energy. Here are some tips for Autumn:


1. Fill your refrigerator with foods containing all the colors of the season. A colorful plate is a nutritious one, leading to health and abundance in all areas of your life.


2. Clear your interiors of clutter and come up with a plan to organize the things that you decide to keep.


3. Keep good “Chi” (energy) flowing indoors by opening your windows sporadically, even if it is cool outside.


4.  As days get shorter, we get less sunshine. Change-up your lighting and add cheerful full spectrum bulbs that duplicate daylighting.


5.  Rearrange your closet to represent the new season by moving sweaters, jackets and warm colors to the front and storing your summer clothes.


6. Bundle up and take a long walk in the park. Remember that 10,000 steps is the goal for improved health.

-Debra Duneier, EcoChi President

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