The Chief Architect of our world clearly loves curves. Picture the swirls and curls of the ocean waves, the gentle arc of a flower petal, the perfection of a full moon, or the spiral motion of caressing winds on a balmy evening...  

"The Chief Architect of our world clearly loves curves."

          We are energy, and so are all of the things around us, both animate and inanimate. Invisible but powerful patterns of energy exist everywhere. This is the basic principle of quantum mechanics, which has been observed and documented by scientists at the scale of atomic particles. All matter has this “Chi” energy or “life force.” What‘s important to note is that some energy patterns are supportive and others can be destructive. Energy patterns are affected by a great many factors, all working in tandem. This can include the colors and shapes we choose, the positioning of furniture, the lighting, the floor plan, the site, and even the size and location of the doors and windows.

          The way the space will be utilized also factors in as does its history, whether it’s a home, office, hotel room, movie theater, or any other location. What has happened in that space? Was someone sick? Did someone die there? Were toxic paints, materials, finishes or adhesives used in building or renovating the property? Was there love in that space, or violence and anger? So many variables enter into the equation, including the basic fact that energy is always in a state of flux. For this reason, making sure a new building or renovated space has good nurturing energy, enhancing that positive energy, and, when necessary, containing or eliminating the stressful energy, is an essential part of the EcoChi process.


Your Building May Be Green But Does It Have Poison Arrows?

          Poison arrows create a stressful fast moving energy also referred to as cutting chi in feng shui. They are sharp angular lines directed towards a person or a structure. Jagged edges of buildings aimed at a home or office building at right angles, table corners, and pointed objects are some examples of poison arrows. It is an inauspicious energy. Having only straight lines and sharp angular shapes in our personal and public spaces would be like being in a room full of arrows of different sizes and colors that point straight at us, from all directions and heights. Not surprisingly, this kind of environment will make us feel uncomfortable, nervous and agitated. These sharp angles cause energy to move very fast and can make people feel restless, interrupt sleep, and can negatively impact the health of the occupants of the building. Architects, builders, contractors and designers should be aware of any potential poison arrows when constructing or renovating spaces. 


          In Hong Kong buildings have been torn down mid­-construction when creating bad Feng Shui. If you are constructing a new space be aware of any poison arrows directed towards your site and plan accordingly. Avoid creating cutting chi that will point at neighboring buildings. If you are working in an existing space that exhibits “poison arrows” use EcoChi tips to soften these edges with plants, wind chimes, curtains or decorative screens. This added beauty brings a positive quality to the experience of the space while slowing down the Chi—all of which makes for a healthier environment.

-Debra Duneier, EcoChi President


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